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Small Business Digital Marketing

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At the end of this course, you will be equipped with practical, actionable knowledge of every core discipline making up the digital marketing skillset. Not only will you be trained to attract and convert new business, but you will be equipped to efficiently optimise your marketing spend. The course will also focus on the integration of digital marketing disciplines and will shape you into a well-rounded digital marketer. Upon successful completion of the course you will be offered the opportunity to take part in an internship with one of the leading digital marketing agencies that we partner with.

Course details


Start date:
31 March 2017

Skill level:

Who should do this course?

This course is designed for anyone wanting a high level grasp of digital marketing. While it is tailor-made for matric-leavers, the course is also suited to postgraduate marketing or Business Administration students wanting specialist skills to build a career in digital marketing.


How long does the course take?

The course is a year long (from February to November) and is structured into two semesters separated by a mid-year vacation.

How demanding is the course?

The time needed to complete the course is roughly 3 – 5 hours per day (week days only). This includes watching video material, online forum participation, practical application and assignments.

What career roles or opportunities will this course equip me for?

After completing this course, it’s advised you apply for a 6 month internship with a local agency (Webgrowth can help connect learners with digital agencies and/or recruiters). Once in an internship, the practical skills learnt will help learners grow towards the following careers;  account managers, account executives, project managers, digital strategists, digital programme managers, seo strategists, web analytics, social media managers, community managers, content managers, PPC managers, marketing managers, brand managers and business development managers.

What are the learning methods?

The learning material for this course is online and video based. This means it is accessible 24/7 – but don’t worry, we are always available for one-on-one support and questions. Each semester we will host a meetup in Cape Town and Johannesburg where you will be able to meet your fellow students, and we’ll be able to put some names to faces. We have created a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, which prepares our learners for real world digital agency tasks, making them job-ready.

What are the admission requirements?

Students will need to obtain a minimum of 55% average for June Exams for conditional acceptance. Those obtaining a minimum average of 70% for Finals will be given first preference for a firm offer.

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Learning for the 21st century

Globally Approved
Globally approved

Our qualifications are globally approved (OMCP) and industry-endorsed (IABSA).


Access our internship programme with leading digital agencies and brands.

Learn By Doing
Learn by doing

Assessments and project work brings the learning home.

Free Learning Forever
Free learning forever

We provide course update digests to all our graduates.

Flexible Learning
Flexible learning

Set your own study time for the course.

One-to-one Support
One-to-one support

Our course convenors are here to help.

What our students are saying

I thoroughly enjoyed the advanced Web Analytics module. The course taught me how to use Google Analytics data to make better business decisions for clients. It also taught me how to take data and make it actionable. I found that the Webgrowth one-on-one support added another dimension to online learning.

Onboarding new account managers was made much simpler thanks to the integrated approach that the Foundations course offers. Our technical staff who completed the advanced courses also learnt practical skills we could never have taught in-house. We look forward to the ongoing support Webgrowth has to offer our staff.

The Foundations course covered not only the basics of digital marketing but so much more. I feel I have obtained a series of actionable principles and techniques that can be applied immediately. I look forward to refining and building on these skills soon as I work through the advanced course.

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