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Digital Marketing Course

The Webgrowth Framework + Tactics

Here’s the thing. If you are learning digital marketing from a text book, you are already out of date. Digital marketing moves so rapidly, it’s a challenge to keep up to date with cutting edge learning material – so our job at Webgrowth is to develop a curriculum that mirrors what we do on real world projects. If the strategy doesn’t work, we don’t teach it.

A PROVEN FRAMEWORK: Our learning path is designed to stretch your thinking and challenge your current marketing techniques – our analytical approach to digital marketing can be used for a mom and pop shop to the most advanced corporate company in Africa. While there are plenty of digital marketing courses out there, it’s hard to find a comprehensive course that teaches you a process from start to finish in a practical manner.

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8 week course


Skill level:
Mid to Advanced

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What are the requirements?

Learners need to have solid online navigation skills and a basic understanding of what these concepts are (e.g. SEO, social media, email marketing, online advertising). They don’t need to be experts in these areas, but the course does not include “101” type introductory lectures on these web technologies. We do however provide additional external links for extra reading for those who need some context to the content we teach and we also offer online support for any questions learners may have.

learning digital marketing

What you will be learning.

Digital marketing skills for 2017 and why they are so important

Introduction into Webgrowth’s model for increasing website traffic

Introduction to the traction model

Marrying business objectives to strategy

Unpacking the major sources of traffic

Digital revolves around content

Donut marketing, how to execute it

Laying the foundation, website structure

Connecting content, deep linking

Content optimisation, for SEO and Social

Content promotion, Facebook and other platforms

Effective reporting for CEO’s, CTO, Managers etc

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Level up your knowledge in digital.


The student, graduate or life-long learner looking to build a career in digital marketing or start-ups. Our vetted learning material offers the perfect runway into internships and career opportunities.


The digital marketer, do-it-yourselfer or start-up founder looking for digital skills to take your products to new markets online. Perfect for the small business or tech entrepreneur.

Career climber

The technology manager, digital marketing manager or account manager looking for next-level digital skills to advance your career or equip your team. Perfect for managers or teams.

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