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Connecting our learners with businesses

Learn a digital marketing skillset that opens up doors to enterprising possibilities.

1. Get Proficient

Study online for free with Webgrowth’s Framework course.

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2. Get Certified

Write the online exam to become Webgrowth certified.


3. Get an Internship

Certified students can opt to be placed in Webgrowth’s various internship programmes.


Our internships are pre-professional work experiences that allow you to explore a digital marketing career, and gain practical skills and knowledge in a specific field of expertise.


Internships ​can ​be ​full ​or ​part-time, ​paid ​or ​unpaid, ​for ​academic ​credit ​or ​no ​credit ​and can ​be ​taken ​during ​the ​academic ​semester ​or ​after ​graduation. ​While ​internships ​can be ​part ​of ​a ​first ​or ​second ​year ​experience ​at ​Webgrowth’s ​institutional ​partners, ​some employers ​typically ​prefer ​students ​in ​their ​third ​year ​for ​greater ​depth ​in ​coursework.

Our featured employers:

  • NMPi
  • Traffic Brand
  • Hoorah Digital
  • FlySaf Air
  • Getsmarter

And many more…

SMME (small, medium and micro-enterprises) partners:

  • Virtual SMME internships

A ​virtual ​internship ​provides ​the ​opportunity ​for ​you ​to ​work ​from ​anywhere ​at ​any time. ​The ​rise ​of ​technology ​gives ​you ​the ​opportunity ​to ​work ​from ​remote ​locations, including ​your ​dorm ​room ​or ​home, ​without ​skipping ​a ​beat. ​E-internships ​or ​virtual internships ​have ​become ​an ​attractive ​option ​especially ​if ​your ​goal ​is ​also ​to ​balance part-time ​employment, ​coursework ​or ​if ​you ​live ​in ​a ​remote ​location. ​Evaluating ​quality is ​critical ​in ​determining ​the ​merit ​of ​a ​virtual ​internship ​experience. ​SMME ​real-time satisfaction ​ratings ​on ​our ​support ​platform ​is ​an ​example ​of ​high ​quality ​virtual internships ​and ​project ​experiences.

Additional ways to gain experience

Experiences provide you with insight into a career field that can lead to better decision-making down the road. Additionally, experience is highly valued by employers as it shows your interests and your skills development progress. Webgrowth can be with you every step of the way to empower you as you take action towards your career ambitions.

Grow by contributing:

  • Community blogging
  • SMME support

Prepare yourself for a successful future

Apply and register at any one of Webgrowth’s institutional partners or sign up to our online proficiency course, which prepares you for our exam.

Complete a Webgrowth verified exam and then apply for an internship.

Receive monthly tasks from one of our Growth Partners to ensure your delegated project remains on track. Take advantage of our online support so you never have to feel overwhelmed by the ins and outs of digital marketing.

What can you expect from your internship?

  • Get hands on experience within a digital agency environment
  • Learn the building blocks to a digital marketing campaign
  • Get insight into a variety of career paths within digital marketing
  • Have an opportunity to impact business strategy
  • Develop your research skills
  • Learn to work in a team environment
  • Have an opportunity for full time employment after your internship


Recruit some of the brightest and most talented students in the country! We’re the one-stop shop for digital agencies, small, medium and micro-enterprises, and tech startups.

How to recruit at Webgrowth

The Webgrowth student support center looks forward to working with you in recruiting your next employees.  Review our recruiting policies, tips, and contact us if you need any support.

Skill-sets of Webgrowth students

  • Business objectives using the RACE framework
  • Keyword research
  • Topic research
  • On-page optimisation
  • More skills are busy being developed…

Secure your intern

  1. Pay R4 500 to secure intern (money back guarantee).
  2. Setup a call with a Webgrowth team member to discuss intern requirements (see our guidelines).
  3. Receive student CV’s from Webgrowth.
  4. Interview students.
  5. Sign internship agreement between yourself, intern and Webgrowth or the Webgrowth institutional partner.
  6. Receive documented tasks and KPI’s for your intern.
  7. Report back to Webgrowth or institutional partner on intern’s performance.

Register as an employer

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