November Top 10

Facebook has been updating their algorithms slowly in the background but in November it all came to a head. We still see companies chasing ‘likes’ but don’t understand the implications. This month we’ve found a few articles that will give you more insight and tips to change your Facebook strategy.

Facebook Likes Don’t Matter Anymore 
Okay, that title may sound a little extreme, but there is some truth to it. Their actual value is diminishing at a rate of knots.

Buying Facebook Likes Suck, Here’s The Data To Prove It!
“Your customer or boss woke up yesterday and discovered that your competitor’s Facebook page has more likes than you do” Oh no!!

Facebook Organic Reach Is Dead, What Does It Mean For Us?
Facebook will be making it harder for posts that push products or app installs, offer entry to promotions and/or sweepstakes.

Illustrated Guide to Advanced On-Page Topic Targeting for SEO
The concepts of advanced on-page SEO are dizzying: LDA, co-occurrence, and entity salience. Cyrus Shepard explains.

10 Actionable Strategies To Improve Your Email Open Rate
Learn 10 strategies to increase your email open rates. Backed by real data and examples, these tips will have your email profits sky rocketing.

Is this really what Seth Godin meant by permission marketing?
Is it ok to simply pretend we’re getting permission from our users to email them? Are we, in fact, merely bribing them?

How to Structure a Marketing Team of Any Size
Learn exactly how to structure your marketing organisation at a variety of sizes.

The Coming Integration of PR and SEO
Smartly deploy PR and SEO to propel your business toward success. Samuel Scott show you how to integrate them seamlessly.

Why Your Landing Page Should Have at Least 500 Words
Short landing pages may seem effective, but unless your landing page has 500 words, you won`t get the traction you need. Here’s how.

The Art of Writing Button Text That Can Double Your Conversions
It’s basic psychology, and it’s at work every time your website visitors click – or don’t click – your call-to-action buttons.

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Neil Pursey

Founder of Webgrowth. He has been optimising websites since 2006. He has since done guest talks on SEO at Wordcamp, University of Cape Town, Blogger Food Indaba and others.. Co-founder of the GROW Academy, a South African initiative to educate the youth in digital marketing. He heads up the SEO sessions at the GROW Academy.