July Top 10

Mad science experiments in SEO & Social Media
Rand Fishkin’s presentation from Mozcon 2014 on a variety of SEO and social media tests.

10 practical ways to successfully engage with influencers
This isn’t a blog post. It’s an eBook disguised as a blog post. Tons of great ideas here from the amazing Ana Hoffman.

20 landing pages torn apart by Rand Fishkin, Oli Gardner and more
300 people submitted their landing pages to be torn apart by industry experts. Here’s the 20 finalists.

The lean analytics cycle
Experiment. Draw hypothesis and test again. Learn from Hiten Shah, the Co-Founder of KISSmetrics

The broken art of company blogging
We’re tricking ourselves into believing they’re successful while ignoring the one signal we have that tells us whether they’re actually working.

The DOs & DON’Ts of Facebook ads
Here’s a complete guide to the dos and don’ts to create the perfect campaign.

Everything you need to know about Facebook’s news feed algorithm
Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm controls who sees what. Here’s what you need to know to understand and leverage it.

20 SEO’ers share link building strategies that don’t require content
You’ll find some of the very best information on the whole web on the topic, along with personally tested, result-oriented, practical tips.

14 CRO gurus share favorite optimization tools
You’ll find advice from some of Conversion Rate Optimization’s most influential players.

How to never run out of great ideas
Content marketers are going to have to work harder to stand out. Learn the processes and strategies that can make great content sustainable.

Neil Pursey

Founder of Webgrowth. He has been optimising websites since 2006. He has since done guest talks on SEO at Wordcamp, University of Cape Town, Blogger Food Indaba and others.. Co-founder of the GROW Academy, a South African initiative to educate the youth in digital marketing. He heads up the SEO sessions at the GROW Academy.