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January Top 10 – 2015

Our focus for 2015 is to do more research on lead generation (guided by UX) and customer retention (guided by email). As of October last year, we’ve embarked on a content strategy, which holds all these elements together. From this execution, it has provided featured content opportunities on both News24 and Memeburn websites. Read the articles that we found interesting during the month January.

The Ultimate Lifecycle Email Marketing Guide
If you want to build trust with your customers, users, readers and leads, these are the questions you need to be asking about email marketing.

Creating Content Pillars from Keyword Research
Only recently, have we found ourselves in a place where we could clearly define the meaning of  “Content Pillar”. I explain how & why.

25 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Next Post
Do you know what the largest traffic source for your blog is? It shouldn’t be social media or direct visitor… It’s should be… Google.

UX Project Checklist
Start your next UX project with this checklist and don’t forget about anything! A great resource to bookmark.

Why Every Outbound Campaign Needs 8 Emails
Learn how YC Startup Ambition generated 73 responses from cold leads by be persistent with their outbound email campaigns.

31 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Blog’s Social Media Shares
If you’ve been struggling to attract social media shares on your blog, this EPIC post is for you.

6 Data-Driven Strategies to Get Your Content Published on Influential Sites
With a little insight into the benefits this marketing approach offers and some advice on how to manoeuvre through the process, you’ll understand why guest contributing should be your next digital marketing move.

5 Content Marketing Strategies That Will Wow Your Customers
A look at how to apply lessons learned from successful content marketing strategies executed by Buffer,, and more.

Experts Weigh In: 21 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
Even with ample resources available and advanced email marketing software, mistakes are regularly made. What are they and how can we prevent them?

The Fold Manifesto: Why the Page Fold Still Matters
What appears at the top of the page vs. what’s hidden will always influence the user experience—regardless of screen size.

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Neil Pursey

Founder of Webgrowth. He has been optimising websites since 2006. He has since done guest talks on SEO at Wordcamp, University of Cape Town, Blogger Food Indaba and others.. Co-founder of the GROW Academy, a South African initiative to educate the youth in digital marketing. He heads up the SEO sessions at the GROW Academy.