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Bing and its new social interface

On the 15th of May Bing announced that their new social friendly user interface was available to all users

Bing stated that anyone will be able to access the new interface at and that users should check out the new message on top of the Bing home page. Bing is now including people from your social networks in their searches. The new, three column display can be seen below:










Two weeks ago when Bing announced their new interface they mentioned a new type of search result that would include info about each search result in the centre panel. According to a Bing spokesperson, we can expect this feature early this week.
A new set of social elements has been added to Bing, including a social sidebar (seen on the image above on the right-hand side that uses Twitter and Facebook to improve your queries by involving friends and experts. Different elements of the social search will appear on the side bar depending on how relevant Bing deems them to your search. The main element of this social search are:

Friends Who Might Know: In this section Bing will link you to people you know on Facebook that have knowledge of the keywords you used in your search. For example if you search “long street coffee shop” and one of your friends likes a coffee shop on long street then it will come up in the social bar.

Ask Friends: This function allows you to ask all of your Facebook friends a question at one time. This can be useful if your search results are unsatisfactory.

People Who Know: This section searches tweets on Twitter in order to provide you with a list of people who have tweeted on the topic you have searched for or people who will know about the topic you have queried about.
Activity Feed: This section shows all of the questions you have asked as well as questions asked by people you know. by hovering your mouse over the question you can see the various responses.

These new tools can provide us with a much more comprehensive and person-specific search.

Michael Prince

Contributor to WebGrowth and content writer for the Rawson Property Group marketing team.