August Top 10

In our continuing effort to bring you the very best content from around the web; we focus in on what makes for effective content marketing and how to improve your conversion rates using design and content techniques. It’s one thing creating content but it’s another to create content with a clear objective.

The rise & fall of Google Authorship for search results
Anyone who follows Google knows that nothing it creates is immune from elimination. Say goodbye to Google Authorship.

How to do a content audit
Most marketers have heard about the importance of content audits but aren’t sure where to start.

The analysis of 20 awesome SaaS startup homepages
Find out what the similarities are between these notable startups and why they are so good at generating leads.

Generating better content ideas
Some great resources and techniques mentioned in this article. We love their take on social competitor tracking.

What you can learn from KISSmetrics’ SEO strategy
Great insight into what KISSmetrics are doing well at and not so well at. We can learn from their mistakes as well as their successes.

Five pop ups that will blow your mind
Generally the word “pop up” is followed with a negative comment. Neil Patel demonstrates how to use them with clear objectives in mind.

HTTPS as a ranking signal
Google wants to make the web a safer place. Their public announcement that https is now a ranking factor is good news for us.

How to boost conversions by 529% in 45-Minutes
Two great examples of how to use Google Analytics data to start the process of improving blog post conversion rates.

How the hell Buffer creates so much content so quickly
Buffer shows how a small team of content creators can roll out awesome content. A nugget of practical advice.

Prioritize link opportunities in excel
SEO’ers, read this article to ensure you know how to scale your link building efforts. OR just for pure competitor analysis as well.

Neil Pursey

Founder of Webgrowth. He has been optimising websites since 2006. He has since done guest talks on SEO at Wordcamp, University of Cape Town, Blogger Food Indaba and others.. Co-founder of the GROW Academy, a South African initiative to educate the youth in digital marketing. He heads up the SEO sessions at the GROW Academy.