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4 ‘Justin Bieber’ marketing strategies for 2011

Why did Justin Bieber cross the road? To reach puberty. It’s all fun and laughter, but this boy/girl is all over the place! On the radio, internet, television so why not include him in your marketing plan for 2011. Does this sound daft? It might yes, but we can learn some things from his approaches. But please don’t sing another ‘Baby, baby, baby ohhh’ song – this will kill my love for music (and half of the world population’s for that matter) – and we don’t need another world catastrophe.

1. Be all over the place and dominant the markets

This is probably Bieber’s most significant feat and the way he dominates the music industry. You need to do the same in order to increase your ROI when placing ads or when monetizing your web efforts and products. How do you do this?

  • Sell and promote your products and services all over (if possible). This might be limited if you are working on a restricted budget, but there is a way to work around this. If money is tight, make sure you do extensive research on the method and market in order to reach the broadest audience possible. It is simple: if you are popular, you will gain interest to your product. Just monitor the giant coffee supplier Starbucks and their attempts. They literally dominate the market and it won’t be easy to overthrow them.
  • If you run an ecommerce site for instance, good product reviews will definitely help you become popular and dominate the online shopping market. Surely you can apply the same principle to your own business. Satisfied customers will love you and sell your business via word of mouth promotion. No need for unlimited budgets because good service doesn’t cost a dime. (unless you want to take labour into account).
  • Be good at your marketing attempts. If you go the print advertising route, make sure you know how to capture the audience’s attention. If you follow the online advertising route, be sure to know what works and what doesn’t. For example: We all know that social networking boomed in the past year, so why not work around that. Go on; create an interactive social networking game. Farmville dominated at times, you can do the same if you know your stuff.

These tips might not make you popular overnight, or even at all, but it is a starting point to work from.

2. Your niche market and their needs

What does Bieber do to satisfy his niche market? He performs songs that covers silly love bits, exactly the thing his audience (young girls) dream about all day long. You should do the same:

  • Complete intensive research to find your targeted market in terms of their demographics, age, gender, needs etc. This will determine the type of media you will include in your marketing mix.
  • Determine whether there is a need for your product or service. Bieber’s fans long for his love songs and that is why he is making it a solid success.

3. Produce that one hit

It is that silly Baby song of his that made him famous. That one hit cut the cake for him. There isn’t much that I can point out in terms of producing that one hit. It may vary in different fields. A few things are for sure: be creative, be special and be entertaining – this might just shift the attention to you – exactly what you need to push your products to your clients.

Examples of companies that produced hits and reaped from it:

  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Starbucks
  • Sally Williams Nougat
  • Woolworths

4. Jump the Gravy-train

First Bieber sings, then he publish his autobiography and now he is selling bed and bath products. I kid you not; follow the link if you don’t believe me. Bieber Bedding Collection.

This is a fun one because we all tend to jump the gravy train at times. If you are too much of a purist and you believe that good old newspapers are the only advertising spot in town, then get your behind on that gravy train. What does this imply? Simple. The social network leader, Facebook, are more than 500 million users strong and marketers love it’s opportunities for marketing and advertising campaigns. This is the hip and hype of internet marketing, so you should jump for the chances as soon as they arise. The same goes for Twitter and whatever we do to jump on the ‘marketing gravy train’. Okay, maybe it isn’t fair to call it the gravy train, but let’s just do it for the sake of this article.

Bieberly Conclusion
Yes he is an irritation and yes he is all over the show, but we marketers can learn plenty from this boy/girl. How to get people talking about your presence, how to please your niche market and how to jump the gravy-train when an opportunity arises. ‘Baby, baby, baby ohhhhhh, like Baby, baby, baby ohhh’’