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We bring leads, not just traffic


Copywriting is vital in an SEO campaign. We ensure your copy is optimised for both humans and search engines. What’s the point of having great content with no visitors to your website? From the copy on your web page to the written posts on Facebook. Through good copy, your audience will be captured by the services or products you offer.

Competitor Research

Competitor research is vital in ensuring that your SEO & Inbound Marketing campaigns are effective. We unpack your competition and find out what they’re doing right and wrong. What incoming links give them their online authority? Is their UX providing a clear customer journey to the lead form? Is the content on their site engaging and effective? We aim to find a unique strategy that differentiates you from your competitors without going too far out from the intended market.


Webgrowth not only focuses on the SEO for various companies, but offers an in-depth training platform for anyone interested in specialising in SEO. We also offer courses on content strategy for those intrigued by the creative side of digital marketing. Growing the digital marketing scene is one of main goals at Webgrowth.


We offer a solid support structure for all of our current and past students. We have a Q&A forum where the student may ask anything regarding our courses or perhaps if they get stuck on a particular section. We encourage our students to get involved and ask questions all the time.


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Tools for any South African SEO consultant

Side-by-Side SEO Comparison Tool

This tool compares two sites in a side-by-side report, so that you can quickly see how your page and a competitor’s page use keywords, how much text is on the page, and which keywords are used.

Page Comparison

Compare on-page SEO to up to 5 urls, and give you data that will let you improve where some are lacking. It looks at both basic content and meta data, such as description, file names, and page titles. An alternative to this tool is Screaming Frog.

Backlink Analysis Tool

WebMeUp has brought the SEO community a great alternative to Moz’s paid for backlink tool, Open Site Explorer. I love the anchor text diversity data it generates. The comparison table is pretty cool as well.

Keyword Cloud Tool

A simple to tool to quickly identify the keyword density of yours and your competitors web pages. When looking at correlation data, keywords still play a role in ranking a website.

What people are saying about Webgrowth

Webgrowth’s fundamentals course has definitely helped improve my prior SEO / digital marketing logic. I am a lot more confident in my approach to increasing our client’s online marketing presence. If you are serious about digital marketing then I would personally recommend using Webgrowth’s training.

Michael Witbooi

The Fundamentals course covered not only the basics of SEO but so much more. I feel I have obtained a series of actionable principles and techniques that can be applied immediately. Now that I feel more comfortable with many of the beginner-level (and more advanced) SEO concepts I look forward to refining and building on these skills soon as I work through the advanced training material in the Digital Technologist Course.

Carl Beukes

I thoroughly enjoyed the Fundamentals Web Analytics module. The course taught me how to use Google Analytics data to make better business decisions. It also taught me how to take data and make it actionable. I can’t wait to do the advanced course!

Nur Davids

Webgrowth’s passion and approach to SEO have shown dividends again and again for our company. I would strongly advise their training to any digital marketer, I assure you that you will not be left disappointed…

John Gardner

Neil’s role as a mentor was vital for my career, it marked the beginning of a professional career in SEO for me. I had no idea how valuable these skills would be.

Shu-aib Benjamin