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Forging the way forward

In our current generation it is not possible for any business to be offline, the internet is the core platform for any customer to begin their search for a service, product or general query. There is a constant growing demand for marketing professionals with expertise in online marketing. South African companies are slowly awakening to the direction that the industry is going, however the struggle to find skilled and quality “digital artisans” in our industry pose a very real problem

SEO Workshop: SEO for Local Business in 2014

With Rand Fishkin (and Google) making a prediction that local search on mobile will pass local search on desktop in the US by 2015, we need to be taking local search very seriously. And for that matter – mobile optimisation is very important as well, this will be covered in our mobile marketing module. Currently, Google processes about 100 billion search queries every month, and by their statistics 30 billion of those have local intent. This means that with 30% of

Google+ now showing in suggest drop down

This morning I happened to do a Google search for “webgrowth” and found that two people that I’ve placed in my SEO circle appeared in the suggestion drop down menu. I tried doing other searches, it seems it’s only working for persona related searches. However it’s not working for all personal profiles. I did a search for other thought leaders like “Rand Fishkin” but his profile never appeared. I’m still trying to figure out why G+ profiles appeared when searching

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