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Founder of webgrowth. He has been optimising websites since 2006. He has since done guest talks on SEO at Wordcamp, University of Cape Town, Blogger Food Indaba and others.. Co-founder of the GROW Academy, a South African initiative to educate the youth in digital marketing. He heads up the SEO sessions at the GROW Academy. He is also the Search Marketing Strategist for the Rawson Property Group.

Recent Posts by Neil Pursey

Finding keyword potentials for your SEO campaign

A simple way to identify potential keywords for your SEO campaign can be managed by extracting keyword data from your website’s Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools profile. However, please note that the strategy I write below will not work for a new website with minimal traffic i.e. under 1500 visitors per month. For this strategy

Our 9 step process for successful SEO

2 weeks ago I was privileged enough to do a talk on SEO to a group of members from the Professional Speaks Association of South Africa (PSASA). I took them through the basics of SEO, explaining the differences between paid advertising, SEO and social media. We looked at how SEO cannot be boxed into just SEO anymore

Migrating from Raven Tools

The SEO industry has been abuzz with the news that Raven Tools has decided to remove keyword rank tracking from their platform. It is clear that they are attempting to go down the road of an “all in one package”. They are already providing functionality around SEO, Social Media, PPC and content. They apparently made

Google adds “download latest links”

Yesterday Matt Cutts released a tweet announcing that you can download the latest links from within Google Webmaster Tools. Firstly, it’s great that Google has come to the party for Webmasters and SEOer’s. Secondly, this tool will make it really simple to track the progress of links that have been published. Added to this, they are

SEO Infographic – Content for SEO?

I found this SEO infograhic explaining the importance of content. By now we know that Panda is something we can cannot ignore and is beginning to define how we think about our own SEO strategies. The big takeaways from this infograhic is that understanding your target market and creating content specific to their needs is imperative,

Google+ Killer facts & stats

Here’s some interesting insight into Google+ statistics. Having a look at the job types you can see why Google + is 72% male. Being mostly techies on the platform users are being inundated with tech related information on their walls. Google+ although having loads of potential, it must be said that it’s weakness right now

Wordcamp Cape Town – Summary of Yoast Plugin

[frame_center][/frame_center] Yesterday, I was privileged enough to be asked to talk about Yoast’s SEO Plugin at Cape Town’s Wordcamp 2011. I gave a basic run through of what settings we use to optimise WordPress websites. Yoast’s SEO Plugin offers a comprehensive set of tools, which can help provide the perfect platform to get your website ranking within

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

At long last the peeps from Commoncraft have brought us a “what is SEO?” video. In collaboration with Search Engine Land, they’ve provided an easy to understand video into the various aspects of SEO. The video covers the following basic principles into SEO and why your business needs it: relevant content on the page the importance of title
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