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Establish what internet marketing skill you want to improve on.
Receive a globally recognised internet marketing certificate.
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Website Analytics

If you want to become “a ninja and not a squirrel”, then our Analytics module is the training you need. As data is becoming increasingly important to businesses, Website Analytics is quickly overtaking monthly salaries of SEO and Social Media consultants. Learn from one of the foremost thought leaders in website analytics. Gain an in-depth understanding of KPIs, Segmentation, Reports, Experimentation, and a lot more as he brings clarity to the complex world of Website Analytics.

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Conversion Optimisation

Getting users to your website is only half the battle. Getting them to purchase, to register, to fill out your form, to convert them from visitors to customers — that is your end goal. Our faculty members provide a comprehensive overview of landing page optimisation, and take you through some real-world examples of what works, what doesn’t, and what steps you can take to improve your conversions.


Take your SEO knowledge to the next level with our advanced SEO training. Join SEO industry leaders as they take you through everything from on-page fundamentals to keyword research, SEO copywriting, site architecture, link building, and local search optimisation strategies. You’ll learn all you need to know to take on small, medium, or large SEO projects and work them from start to finish.

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Social Media

Social Media is evolving fast.. How do you keep up with all the options, platforms, and trends, much less know which ones are worth pursuing? Take your training to the next level with our comprehensive Social Media Training and learn not only how to use each tool but how to decide which strategy is better for which type of campaign and what kind of business. Our faculty will give you everything you need to run your own highly successful social media campaign.


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shuaib benjamin 150x150 HomeNeil’s role as a mentor was vital to my career, thus marking the beginning of SEO for me.  I had no idea how valuable these skills would be. This knowledge has changed my career path and  future within the industry.

Shu-aib Benjamin: Digital Content Manager

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